We are an extension of your team

We're prepared to help you ideate, execute, evaluate, and optimize your products and services in the short and long term


We're the unbiased third party decision maker that you've been looking for. After you define the need, we find the realistic solution.


We take your big ideas and break them down into executable chunks of work. Our team is made up of product development and project management specialists that know how to deliver.


Without supporting data, you're literally shooting in the dark. Open up your analytics to our team and we'll help you identify your next big feature.

Mission-Driven for the Mission Driven

Product Paths works with nonprofits and mission-driven small business owners to achieve product management and creative marketing goals.

We reshape your digital products and strategies to increase your overall brand impact and reach. Our team is comprised of product and project management professionals, developers, and designers that have delivered solutions in a variety of industries including eCommerce, information services, SaaS, the nonprofit sector, and educational technology.

Our Mission

Provide high quality services to ideate, execute, evaluate, and optimize how nonprofits and mission-driven small businesses approach digital and print marketing efforts.

What our partners say

Our team gets down on the ground with yours to determine the path of least resistance between you and your goals.
Francine B.

Francine B.

Business Owner

"Product Paths came in, mapped out a plan, and then followed through on it. It was the helping hand we needed to get our website and social media up and running."

Amanda S.

Amanda S.

Product Director

"Our team thinks a lot about what our users might want, but Product Paths helped us actually find out what they needed instead. Our users are staying subscribers for longer thanks to Product Paths!"

Daniel V.

Daniel V.

Chief Executive Officer

"We needed a website and we're in the early stages of building a product. Product Paths was the right choice for us. They knew where to point us and how to get things done."

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