Branding & Strategy

We specialize in Brand Positioning & Brand Identity. From developing Visual Branding, Messaging & Voice to Campaign & Content Strategy.

UX/UI Design

Our team delivers user experience design and best-practice interface design for modern, mobile-responsive digital products

Growth Marketing​

From optimizing customer acquisition and retention through SEO, to curated conversion rate optimization, we understand how to scale your business.

Email Marketing

We identify and execute conversion driving opportunities through automated email workflows and optimized drip campaigns

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our team keeps up with the never-ending flow of requirements that search engines use as the basis for site ranking. Ask about our free SEO Audits.

Software Development

Need a team of experienced developers to build you a custom solution? We offer distributed US-based and offshore engineering resources at incredible value.

Frequently Asked Questions

New businesses are in a unique position. The first place we often start with clients that are starting a new business is with branding. For example, before we dive too deep into websites and marketing materials, you’ll need a great logo, and more importantly, an idea of who that logo needs to be positioned for. Whether you are marketing to luxury real estate buyers, or perhaps you’re operating in an industrial niche, your visual identity as a brand should talk to those consumers. 

Being on every social network is helpful, but not make or break. More important than having a profile on every new platform is having an organic and effective presence on a relevant one. You should be spending ~80% of your time posting on the platform that drives the most value, and the remaining ~20% of time posting on all the other available platforms that might host your audience. This spread is an insurance policy in a way. If you’re all in on posting to LinkedIn, but eventually the audience moves off of that platform, to Twitter for example, you still have the opportunity to move your messaging without having to start entirely from scratch.

We provide a full range of design and marketing solutions for small to medium sized businesses. Some other services include marketing collateral design, packaging design, product photography, brick-and-mortar business photography, content writing & editing services, and promotional product design.

Absolutely not. We understand that with all the amazing results digital marketing delivers, print marketing still has an important place in business. We are partnered with NYGraphX Corporation to provide print and promotional product services to our clients. From printed brochures to stationary and business cards, to trade show displays and just about any product you can put a logo on. We help you design incredible print marketing experiences for your businesses evolving needs.

Our team has experience creating written and visual content. We offer in-house photography and video production as well as editorial and content writing. Whether you want an SEO-targeted blog or a new video to showcase your product, we can help.

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Product Paths was a key partner in creating our visual identity. We had ideas, but they transformed them into something tangible.
Michael C.
COO, JDM Architecture