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Capital Markets Advisors | UX/UI Web Redesign

A modern experience and practical aesthetic.

Goal: Modernize the website for Capital Markets Advisors, LLC

Key Deliverables:

  • Migrate existing content into new Content Management System (WordPress)

  • Maintain the CMA team’s ability to post regular business results and newsletters

  • Implement fully responsive design with mobile, tablet, and desktop device support

  • Provide detailed documentation and training session for team members

  • Add interactive map-based locations page with ability to update office locations

The homepage features a large format header with a call to action driving users to a preferred first stop. This real estate is used to promote a specific area that CMA would like users to focus in on.

The sticky navigation bar follows the user and turns white on scroll, keeping available pages in sight.

At the bottom of the homepage, users are able to quickly contact the CMA team using a simple Contact Form.

Optimized for Readability

We employed full-width landing pages to allow for the content to be easily digested on the page.

We chose a web optimized font, Montserrat, to ensure readability across all mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

The landing page template also features a large header with the page title followed by text, image, or video content as available. This high-impact experience ensures that users know exactly where they have landed.

Organizing Information Feeds

The CMA team utilizes Editor level accounts to post to various sections of the site that have important feeds of daily, weekly, and monthly information:

  • Upcoming Sale Calendar

  • Results of Sales

  • Requests for Proposals

  • Newsletters

Using a custom implementation of TablePress, we created easy to read information blocks that record historical information on sales and upcoming RFPs. The user is able to use an uploaded .csv or Excel document to import new information, as well as quickly link that information to PDFs of documents like Bid Results and Official Statements.


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